LunarSpotlight Media is the creative group behind a collection of radio broadcasts, interactive web media, and videos. Our group has been together informally since Autumn 2013. LSM launched in Spring 2016 along with our campaign which is ongoing.

Our Work

At present, our group is best known for running a monthly live broadcast on Gensokyo Radio, an internet radio station which plays Japanese video game music 24/7. Past broadcasts have included guests such as musical artists cYsmix (Kusemono Records) from Norway, Babbe (Frozen Starfall) from Germany; developers such as Jon Shafer (former Civ V Lead Designer & President of Conifer Games), Carrot & Moogs (Mystery Parfait); & DJs such as Radio Overcoat (Touhou Tuesday), and Epikuro (Kawaii Bass).

The station, playlist, community, Facebook fan group page, server, and website are all maintained by our group plus an expanded, volunteer staff team. It has been running since 2011 and is partnered with Discord, a popular web-based chat system, and TouhouCon, a southern California conference for fans of the same series the station plays related works from.

In Development

LunarSpotlight Media’s first standalone project, dubbed “Project Megane”, is a web-based storytelling engine which is being built from the ground up to be customizable, scaleable, and compatible with mobile.

Megane will allow writers to put together their stories in a visual format, incorporating written content with backgrounds, characters, animations, scene changes, and decision points. Readers will be able to make decisions which influences the path they take as a story is told.

Development is ongoing, and regular updates are provided via our campaign page.