Let’s Go To Odaiba

Our group was in an interesting state; Bucky was on his own figuring out stuff, Fanzy was doing whatever Fanzy does, and the rest of our group (Xara, Claire, and myself) were together for the day. In the afternoon, we went to Genki Sushi in Itabashi.

In this restaurant, there’s a tablet for each seat or table, and orders are placed by selecting the desired food and confirming the selection. If it’s a drink or a bowl, a person will come out and deliver it to you. All of the plates of sushi, however, are delivered by a miniature train which can hold up to 4 plates at a time. I ordered a plate of tuna and salmon nigiri sushi and a bowl of shrimp udon.

Enjoying udon at Genki Sushi

We walked from there to the train station and made our way towards Odaiba where Nelson was waiting for us at one of the stations. After meeting with him, we took the local monorail and headed towards our final destination.

Joypolis is an indoor amusement park which has many different attractions and rides including a roller coaster, multiple VR attractions, a half-pipe thrill ride, a couple rides that do flips, rolls, and inversions, and more plus a bunch of arcade machines. In Japan, you’ll find that prize grabbers are a huge part of arcades… every arcade I’ve been to so far while here has had a sizable prize grab area.

Half-pipe ride at Joypolis

Nelson’s favorite music rhythm game, Maimai, was also here, and he showed us his skills once again, including doing a run of Dragon Lady one-handed. Nelson and I also went on a ride where you get in a bobsled-like ride with a giant video screen in front, and race against three other teams. Oh, and it also does full rolls meaning that you may will find yourself inverted at certain points during the ride.

I don’t think this is how bobsledding works.

Afterwards, we walked over to the mall and ended up at an Italian pizza restaurant. We got some bruchetta and a couple pizzas to share. One of the pizzas on the menu had egg on it, so we tried it.

Further into the mall, there was a Round 1 arcade. I had been to a couple Round 1’s in California a few years ago, but they originated in Japan. Arcade culture is much stronger in Tokyo than anywhere else I’ve seen in the states.

Half Margarita, half… something with egg on it. It was good!

The arcade didn’t really have anything the other arcades didn’t, except there was an absence of a smoking area which was a nice change. I ended up acquiring an e-amusement pass for one of my favorite arcade games, Jubeat. The passes allow one to make an account and keep a record of scores attained during play.

Tomorrow, the 6th member of our party, Nano, will be joining us after a long flight from Seattle. Some of us will meet up with him, and go from there. More on that soon.

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