Let’s Take a Day and Do a Bunch of Things Locally

Over the past couple days our group has been getting to sleep a little later than normal, and that results in waking up a little later than normal. Once we begin traveling farther outside of Tokyo, this will end up fixing itself since we’ll want to leave early to wherever our destination is.

For today, we went to CoCo’s Curry for lunch, helped Claire figure out how the Japanese washing machine works (it’s really easy), went to Tower Records in Shibuya and looked at/bought some stuff, and then went to Don Quijote in Akihabara to browse and buy eclectic items such as 4.4% milk, tiny umbrellas, and over $10 worth of different flavors of Kit Kats.

We got two different kinds of green tea, dark chocolate, and raspberry Kit Kats.

Meanwhile, a tropical storm is raging in southern Japan, so any plans to travel outward will probably involve going northward first, but that probably won’t happen until after Comiket this coming weekend. Also, Bucky went out doing something airsoft-related with a friend, but lost his wallet somewhere along the way. He ended up reporting it to the police, but as of now, it sounds like that’s still in progress.

Tomorrow, we plan on going to an amusement park with Nelson and company, so hopefully I’ll have something more detailed and interesting to report for that!

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