Let’s Go To Denny’s

Denny’s? Really? Well alright then.

In the morning, Bucky, Fanzy, and I sought out a source of sustenance of the morning variety. Two stops away on the Mita line, we found a Denny’s which seemed to promise some sort of breakfast food on the surface, so off we went.

After Bucky clawed his way through the sign-in process using the Google Translate app, we eventually got ourselves a table in the non-smoking section. I haven’t seen separate sections for smokers indoors since I was a kid… granted there have been other places we’ve been up to this point that have had separate sections, too.

On the menu, we found that pancakes were present, but only really as a desert item along with ice cream and other toppings. It looked good, but it was interesting that this wasn’t offered on its own. For those wondering, there was no “Moons Over My Hammy”, or “Grand Slam French Toast” to speak of on this menu.

Omelet Rice at Denny’s

Watching Bucky and Fanzy order from our very patient waitress was… not ideal. I think “painful” is a little strong a word to use, but that wouldn’t be far off, either. Bucky flubbed his particles more than once, for example, he repeated the “ka” question marker back to the waitress in his response to her question. Fanzy took a more safe approach and pointed at the menu rather than trying to fight his way through the language barrier.

The process took about 3 minutes for the two of them, and she had thought our order was complete, but I raised my hand before she left. I ordered the omelet rice with “omuraisu” and confirmed that was the whole of my order with a simple “hai”, and that was it. 10 seconds to put in my order… woo?

The rest of my day was a mix of finishing up placing CDs into cases, hanging out with Fanzy for a while, and converting a few CDs I had purchased earlier in the week.

News about Fire near Tsukiji Market

I also had the news on and was able to watch the live video coming in about the fire near the Tsukiji Fish Market. That was relevant to our group since it was on our list of potential places to visit while we’re here. Now if we go, we’ll have something unexpected to see in addition to what we were looking forward to originally. That is, if they allow visitors again while we’re still here.

Tomorrow, it sounds like we might get together with Nelson again who wants to show us a couple places we haven’t been yet. More on that later.

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