Let’s Explore Akiba Some More

In the morning, we split up into a few groups, with one of us still fast asleep at 11am. Xara and I paired up for the day and went to visit Akiba again.

This time, we explored some of the smaller electronics shops and alternate convenience stores in the area. Some stores looked small, but we would realize that there were a couple elevators in the back of the store which took people up 6 stories high to other sections.

A Train Underpass in Akihabara

We met up with part of our group in a temporary art gallery where one could find works related to the Touhou Project done by different artists from all around the world.

Later, we found ourselves in a series of stores where they had a huge selection of model kits, parts, and other related equipment. One can find everything from trains and planes, to tanks and vending machines in another one of the multi-level mall-like stores.

“Touhou Artists of the World” Art Gallery

What I found interesting about these stores is that part of it really did feel like a mall, but the footprint is smaller so each floor has less space. An escalator takes people up 7 or 8 floors to a variety of stores and shops filled with new and used goods, and even a couple places to grab a bite to eat.

Xara and I headed back after grabbing a couple things from a convenience store in the area. I acquired a bag of Green Tea Kit Kat bars for just ¥300.

Visiting a Model Shop in Akihabara

The rest of the night consisted of getting something to eat from the konbini, sorting out my belongings which had been slowly succumbing to entropy, and hanging out with Xara and Fanzy for a bit before heading to sleep a little earlier.

Tomorrow, we’ll want to regroup to talk about a few things and plan out the rest of the day.

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    1. I’m afraid I haven’t heard of it or seen anything around about it. Shadowverse and almost anything from Square Enix seems pretty well advertised, though.

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