Let’s Go to Wonder Fest

Today, a few members of our group wanted to go to an event called Wonder Festival happening in Chiba Prefecture southeast of the center of Tokyo. It was the farthest out from our apartment we had been up to that point. Getting there took a couple train rides, first going to Tokyo Station, a huge underground station with 12 different exits, and then taking the Keiyo line out to where the event was taking place.

Large Green Lantern Figure at Wonder Fest

Wonder Fest is a figure-oriented event where fans and companies have tables and booths to show off and sell figures of all sorts and sizes. We saw everything from really tiny models of tanks and small model airplanes, to large models of different comic book characters and other items from popular movies.

Miniature Tank Models

Inbetween all that of course, there were also many, many figures from various video games and anime.

1:1 Model of Azusa Nakano from “K-ON!”

Not all members of our large group were present at Wonder Fest. Claire wanted to visit Harajuku to go shopping, but our local friend Nathan joined us once again to join in on the sightseeing, and also to purchase some things for himself and others as gifts.

After we were done at Wonder Fest, Xara, Nathan, and I went to a place nearby that had tempura. I had an assorted tempura plate which included black tiger shrimp, white fish, squid, Japanese pumpkin, green beans, and eggplant. A few of those things were new to me, but everything on my plate was really good and I finished the whole thing. I was impressed both with myself and the quality of the food from the restaurant.

An Assorted Tempura Dish

We traveled back and kept things low energy for the rest of the night. I ripped some music from a couple CDs I’d previously bought. Xara and I went to the convenience store and picked up some food, including some Takoyaki which we split. I had tried Takoyaki before in Boston while also forgetting what exactly it was. This was definitely better, though the idea of eating octopus still weirds me out a bit. Suckers, man.

Tomorrow is more of a wildcard than today was. We’ll see how it goes.

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