Let’s Go to Wonder Fest

Today, a few members of our group wanted to go to an event called Wonder Festival happening in Chiba Prefecture southeast of the center of Tokyo. It was the farthest out from our apartment we had been up to that point. Getting there took a couple train rides, first going to Tokyo Station, a huge underground station with 12 different exits, and then taking the Keiyo line out to where the event was taking place. Continue reading “Let’s Go to Wonder Fest”

Let’s Split Up and Get Distracted

I woke up around 8am to the doorbell being rung by Bucky. He, Xara, and Fanzy were going to a US base to pick up some supplies since Bucky is in the military and apparently some supplies are cheaper on-base. I chipped in with a few things we were looking for in our apartment as mentioned in my last post. The base was about an hour away by train, plus some walking, so he informed me they would be back just after noon. Continue reading “Let’s Split Up and Get Distracted”

Let’s Dive Right In

I jumped about 10 time zones (and crossed the international date line) today, so when I say that my day began at 5am on the 25th and ended at 1am on the 27th, you might have a better idea of how that came to be. My day started in St. Paul, Minnesota and ended in Itabashi, Tokyo, Japan after two airplane rides. I passed over Canada and Russia on my journey to the island nation of Japan. Continue reading “Let’s Dive Right In”

Hello World!

I am writing to you, world, to let you know that I plan to travel you soon. I’m not quite sure as to what qualifies as a “world traveler”, but I decided to put it in my tagline anyway because I thought it sounded cool. When my friend from Norway traveled to Los Angeles in the US, it said something about being a world class traveler on his baggage tag, so I figure the trip on which I’m about to embark counts. Continue reading “Hello World!”