Let’s Go To a Fireworks Festival / 花火大会行きましょう

Xara had gone ahead to Ikebukuro to do a little shopping, and Claire and I would meet up with him a little later to get something to eat. When I was about to leave the apartment, I heard some Japanese which I thought was coming from Justin, our friend upstairs. Instead, what I got when I opened the door was a Japanese woman talking to Claire about a local Buddhist. After I locked the door, she started talking to me… in Japanese. Continue reading “Let’s Go To a Fireworks Festival / 花火大会行きましょう”

Let’s Go to Wonder Fest

Today, a few members of our group wanted to go to an event called Wonder Festival happening in Chiba Prefecture southeast of the center of Tokyo. It was the farthest out from our apartment we had been up to that point. Getting there took a couple train rides, first going to Tokyo Station, a huge underground station with 12 different exits, and then taking the Keiyo line out to where the event was taking place. Continue reading “Let’s Go to Wonder Fest”